Pawan Kalyan
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Jana Sena's chief commander power star Pawan Kalyan appears to have joined the troll army as he posted a series of tweets to attack actress Sri Reddy and some media houses.

Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter days after actress Sri Reddy abused him. In a series of tweets, the Jana Sena chief alleged that the episode where a derogatory word was used against his mother was part of a conspiracy against him by the TDP and he went on to accuse Andhra Pradesh's Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu of paying some media houses to malign his image. His comments had shocked many people across the Telugu states.

Srini Raju, who is reportedly involved with the company that handles the social media wing of the TDP was hurt with his claims. He sent a legal notice to Pawan Kalyan, expressing his disappointment over his baseless allegations. "You have come to politics promising better behavior and good governance. If you make baseless allegations like any other politician, then what is the difference between you and them," reads a statement from his legal notice.

Pawan Kalyan shared his legal notice and wrote, "SriniRaju ..your legal letter doesn't make any difference after you got my Mother abused repeatedly with the guidance of #Real AgnyathavasiRaviPrakash" your CEO on your channelTV9 colluding with your political bosses who blessed you with SriCity. GoodLuck Srini! Lawyers from Member of DreamTeam who abused my Mother.(page1)"

Then, Pawan Kalyan went on to attack Ravi Prakash, the founder of TV9 Telugu. The power star tweeted, "Open heart  RK,I am enclosing  a video of how your TDP DreamTeam (who initiated & promoted the campaign#abusepawankalyanmother,which you are member ) please show it to Lokesh,friends,CM,and the women of your household & why don't you take their opinion of theirs n&telecast?"

Pawan Kalyan shared video clip of TV9 Telugu in which Sri Reddy is seen abusing him and showing her middle finger. He wrote, "#SriniRaju@TV9  show this video to your mother,wife & daughter & kindly convey the achievement of  your TV9, check how you increase your family wealth"

Pawan Kalyan tweeted, "Raviprakash, I will text to you separately.. give me sometime.kindly wait! Apologies for making you wai!" He added, "Mrs.RaviI Prakash Gariki Namaskaralu!!Your husband is a GoodMan Amma. But make sure to keep away your kids from TV9 programs.. you might think why? Please show the following video"

Launching a personal attack on Ravi Prakash, Pawan Kalyan shared another video clip featuring a person falling on the feet of person who seems to be Ravi Prakash. In a series of tweets, he asked, "Ravi, I am sending a video of yours to run on your TV9channel.. Ravi, do you know why I called you #RealAghnyathavasi?? Can you guess.? Ravi, this is for your 9 pm show Can you explain people the story behind that poor man?"

Pawan Kalyan does not seem to stop there, as he has gone on troll the head of another media house Sunday morning.

However, a lot has been spoken and written about Pawan Kalyan's fans allegedly trolling and harassing Mahesh Kathi, Sri Reddy and a few others. Many had requested the power star to ask his fans to restrain from cyber-bullying but he never advised them against it.

Now, it is surprising to see the commander himself stepping into the shoes of a troll and attacking the heads of the media houses.