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Actress Sri Reddy has accepted the challenge of Raghava Lawrence and instead of attending a press meet, she recorded some videos to prove her acting skills and posted them online for the filmmaker.

Raghava Lawrence had taken to Facebook to respond to Sri Reddy weeks after she accused him of sexual exploitation. Besides denying her allegations, the filmmaker challenged her to audition for his next movie at a press meet. He had said that if she proved her acting skills in front of media, he would cast her for the film and also give her an advance amount.

Sri Reddy accepted the challenge thrown by Raghava Lawrence and requested her Facebook followers to wish her good luck. The controversial actress posted on Monday evening, "I am taking up the lawrence master's challenge..bless me Everyone.."

Later, Sri Reddy revealed that she is playing an encounter specialist in her next movie. She enacted a scene and dialogue from this movie. She posted the video on YouTube and shared the link on Facebook.

She also wrote, "Raghava Master garu, this is my sample of my talent..plz watch it..i did it only for upcoming film dialogue..encounter specialist..only for 18+..abusive words part of the dialogue.."

However, Sri Reddy deleted the video after some time. She recorded some more videos and shared those clips on her Facebook page as proof of her acting skills.

Sri Reddy has accused several celebs of sexual exploitation and Raghava Lawrence is one among very few, who dared to respond. She has made a counter challenge to him and asked him to sit for an interrogation. It should be seen whether he would accept her counter challenge.

Sri Reddy
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Before accepting Raghava Lawrence's challenge, Sri Reddy had posted on Facebook, "Better you don't pull it,till it get cut ..good for you..if I sit for interrogation,definitely you will be the loser..we can work in your movie if u are ok,I have my talent,I saw your talent..our combination adhurs. . #guru"