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Conspiracy theorists all around the world have long been claiming that space agencies like NASA are well aware of alien existence. To substantiate their claims, these conspiracy theorists have released several photos and videos taken from the International Space Station (ISS), and in many of these images, unidentified flying objects (UFO) can be seen hovering near the space station.

Out of the many images and videos released, one clip stands out, and it was initially uploaded by popular UFO researcher Tyler Glockner. In the video uploaded to YouTube in last March, Samantha Cristoforetti, an Italian astronaut was seen taking a tour inside the ISS.

At one point in time, Samantha opens up a hatch to show something outside the station, and shockingly, at the same moment, two objects were seen making a close flyby outside the window.

The first object moved across the International Space Station at a spectacular speed, while the second one, stopped for a while and moved in a different direction. After uploading the video, Tyler Glockner revealed that this clip is undeniable proof of alien existence.

"This footage is undeniable proof. When I say undeniable, I mean it in terms of our long-held beliefs, based on evidence, that space is not only inhabited by us but also unknown manned objects. I'm not talking about ice crystals, I'm not talking about debris or any other excuses used," said Glockner in the video.

Tyler Glockner's video has racked up more than 2.4 million views, and it is still the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts.

A few days back, Mavi777, a popular conspiracy theorist released a video that shows two objects flying past the International Space Station. In the video, a small glowing UFO can be seen plummeting through the atmosphere, and it has made many people believe that alien life is a reality.

However, experts argue that these weird UFOs are actually the reflections of various objects in the International Space Station.