A new story published by the is now the hottest point of debate among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The report reveals that a person named Phil Schneider had witnessed a dangerous gun battle between grey aliens and US special forces in Dulce, New Mexico, while he was working for a secret underground military project.

The report quoting an eyewitness also added that more than 60 civilians and soldiers were killed after the gunbattle with grey aliens. He claimed that advanced extraterrestrials used 'Plasma Guns' during the battle, and they were apparently more powerful than US special forces.

Several conspiracy theorists have previously claimed that humans initially encountered grey aliens after the Roswell UFO incident. After the UFO crash, police detained the aliens, and soon a peace treaty was signed. But Schneider argues that things took an unexpected turn between aliens and humans, and this finally resulted in the battle of Dulce.

Schneider also went on claiming that he also killed two extraterrestrials during the battle.

"Military units - Seals and Delta Forces – went down there and engaged in a fire-fight with these tall Greys. In all 60 military personnel and scientists were killed. During the altercation Mr Schneider was hit with some sort of plasma weapon which sheared off a portion of his hand," said Anthony Sanches, a person who has probed the alleged Dulce battle, and the author of UFO Highway.

It should be also noted that Phil Schneider was found mysteriously dead in his apartment in 1996. Even though conspiracy theorists alleged foul play behind his mysterious death, officials revealed that Schneider had committed suicide.

A few days back, declassified CIA files had hinted about the dreaded fate faced by KGB soldiers after they shot down a UFO. The confidential documents which were allegedly dissolved by then USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991 revealed that aliens turned KGB soldiers into stone during the gun attack.