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Many conspiracy theorists all around the world strongly believe that aliens are inhabiting secretly on the lunar surface, and they have released several anomalies spotted on the different lunar images released by space agencies like NASA. Adding heat to the claims made by these alien believers, popular conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777' has now released a strange clip that shows a UFO flying speedily above the surface of the moon.

The conspiracy theory channel revealed that the footage is actually shot by a person named Andreas Graf. In the video, the amateur astronomer can be seen zooming in to the surface of the moon, mostly to see the craters of earth's natural satellite. As the telescope zoomed in, a white object was seen flying above the lunar surface, and after some time, it disappeared in the darkness of the universe.

The video soon went viral, and conspiracy theorists started arguing that this is one of the best UFO clips ever shot from the moon. These alien buffs also claimed that sightings like these are an authentic proof which substantiates the existence of extraterrestrials.

Some of these conspiracy theorists even went ahead and assured that space agencies like NASA are well aware of alien existence. As per these theorists, China's recent Chang'e-4 to the dark side of the moon may encounter extraterrestrial aliens that might be living there.

A few days back, a section of conspiracy theorists had claimed to have spotted an alleged artificial base on the lunar surface. The finding was made public by conspiracy theory channel, 'Third Phase of Moon' and the video uploaded showed a bizarre object inside a lunar crater.

The clip released by Third Phase of Moon also went viral online spaces, and several people alleged that NASA is intentionally covering up the existence of alien bases on moons for unknown motives.