UFO Pentagon
YouTube: Alex Dude

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'Third Phase of Moon' operated by the Blake and Brett Cousins has recently uploaded an eerie clip that shows a pyramid-shaped UFO hovering above Pentagon. As the footage is pretty dark, it is initially difficult to spot the strange object, but changes to the footage's exposure clearly show a mysterious structure above the United States Department of Defense.

Dark triangle above Pentagon

The conspiracy theorists revealed that the footage was originally shot by a man named Alex Dude on December 19, 2018. The Blake and Brett Cousins also speculated that the object spotted in the skies could be very large in size, and argued that an alien invasion is imminent.

After watching the video, viewers of 'Third Phase of Moon' also suggested that aliens have paid a visit to the earth. Some conspiracy theorists provided an alternate opinion claiming that this object could actually be a secretive military vessel developed by the United States Air Force.

"Quite amazing. I don't think that it can be a projection. The darker face of the pyramid is darker than the background sky. You CANNOT project a shadow, this suggests it is a real object," commented Maccer 229, a YouTube user.

Some people argued that this object in the skies could be a hologram, and it might be projected on the skies as a test run before the alleged Project Blue Beam, operated by the elites to establish a New World Order.

Multiple witnesses shot the UFO event

Interestingly, two other YouTube users, Jane Doe and Alex Dude, have also shared similar footages shot on the same day, and even in these two clips, pyramid-shaped UFO was seen looming around the Pentagon.

As multiple witnesses have uploaded similar clips on YouTube, conspiracy theorists seem pretty confident about the existence of alien life, and they even argue that the United States government is intentionally covering up the real facts for unknown motives.