Strange light
Twitter: Randol White

Residents in Northern California witnessed an eerie sky sighting on Wednesday when a strange light appeared and stood intact for several minutes.

The bizarre sighting happened soon after the scheduled launch of the Delta IV Heavy rocket at the Vandenberg Air Force Base, Southern California was canceled, unlike in the past when such trailing of light appeared after the launch.

Images of the strange light appeared in the skies soon went viral on online space and local residents vigorously shared the spectacular sky sighting on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Conspiracy theorists put forward alien connection

As the representative of Vandenberg Air Force Base revealed that they had no idea about what caused the lights on skies, conspiracy theorists soon started arguing that the strange streak of light could actually be a trail from an alien UFO. As per these theorists, advanced aliens from deep space used to visit the earth, especially during the times of rocket launches.

Some conspiracy theorists put forward a different theory stating that the government is conducting several secret experiments in the sky with the help of space agencies like NASA. These people strongly believe that the alleged chemtrails sprayed in the skies are meant to hide these sinister activities from the general public.

What experts say?

However, experts were quick to dismiss the alien angle, and they made it clear that a meteorite that entered the atmosphere might have resulted in the light streak. In a recent tweet, the National Weather Service suggested that some meteors entering the atmosphere are capable of creating a noctilucent cloud, which many people often misunderstand as alien formation.

"The inner solar system is littered with meteoroids of all shapes and sizes-from asteroid-sized chunks of rock to microscopic specks of dust. Every day Earth scoops up tons of the material, mostly the small stuff. When meteoroids hit our atmosphere and burn up, they leave behind a haze of tiny particles suspended 70 km to 100 km above Earth's surface," says NASA explaining the reason behind this spectacular natural phenomenon.