YouTube: Mavi777

Anomalies in NASA's ISS live feed has perplexed hawk-eyed conspiracy theorists many times, and now a new clip that shows two objects flying past the International Space Station has emerged as the hottest debating point among alien enthusiasts.

The conspiracy theory channel revealed that this eerie sighting was captured by a man named Carolann Walker from the NASA live feed on December 14.

In the video, the UFO can be seen glowing brightly as they plummet through the atmosphere and a small section of the ISS can be also seen in a corner. The clip was later uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777' where it has racked up hundreds of views.

After watching the strange clip, most of the viewers assured that alien life is a reality, and they went on claiming that astronauts at the International Space Station are very much aware of their existence.

These viewers also revealed that the objects spotted in the video are travelling at such a great speed, and no human-made crafts could move at such an astonishing velocity.

"Something Is happening in space, 2 sightings from space station within 2 weeks, also all kinds of anomalies can be seen on helio viewer right now," commented Press Play, a YouTube user.

However, experts who analyzed the video dismissed the alien angle, and they made it clear that the anomaly in the video could be the result of reflection from objects inside the ISS. But it still remains unclear on how a mere reflection will travel at such a sky-rocketing speed.

A few days back, YouTube channel 'Third Phase of Moon' uploaded a video that shows a mysterious UFO near Elon Musk-led SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft which was en route the ISS. In the video, conspiracy theorists also alleged that SpaceX suddenly cut off the live feed soon after the strange object was spotted.