Astronauts Mark Kelly (right), STS-124 commander, and Scott Kelly are pictured in the check-out facility at Ellington Field near NASA's Johnson Space Center as the STS-124 crewmembers prepare for a flight to Kennedy Space Center in NASA T-38 trainer jets.

Identical Twin NASA Astronauts to Conduct Brave Space Science Research

Identical twins, Scott and Mark Kelly, who are also NASA astronauts, will be participating in a brave new experiment of the space agency. The news was announced on Wednesday 29 May 2014, which will involve one of them to spend a year on space investigating while the other will remain back on Earth. May 30, 2014
Apollo 15 'Joystick' Sold for a Whopping $610,063 at an Auction (NASA)

Apollo 15 'Joystick' Sold for Whopping $610,063 at an Auction

A rotational hand controller called "joystick" that was previously owned by Apollo 15 commander David Scott was auctioned online at a $610,063. This apparently sets new record to the most expensive antique collectables from space-travel. May 27, 2014
NASA Builds Advanced Cages to Carry Rodents to Space Station (NASA/Dominic Hart)

NASA Builds Advanced Cages to Carry Rodents to Space Station

NASA, the US space agency has developed high-tech cages that will carry rodents to the International Space Station (ISS). The rodents will be examined by researchers in order to know the micro-gravitational effects on mammalian physiology. May 26, 2014