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Actress Soni Razdan and Pooja Bhatt are getting trolled on social media after defending filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and his leaked WhatsApp conversation with actress Rhea Chakraborty.

Bhatt's wife Soni and and elder daughter Pooja took to Twitter to defend Mahesh after his private WhatsApp chats with Rhea were leaked. Soni and Pooja said that the forwards Mahesh sent to Rhea had also been sent to them, and several other people in the filmmaker's contact list.

"Interestingly, the message refers to as 'most explosive revelation' is a message that my father also sent me and countless other people on his phone list on the same day (June 9) and subsequently posted on Twitter as well (26-6-2020) get your facts right," Pooja Bhatt tweeted.

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Soni Razdan also shared, "Yes true. Here is mine. We get them everyday. When will news channels actually give us real news and not fabricated spin-offs. Most seem to have turned into uglier more salacious versions of Stardust and Cine Blitz."

On June 10, Mahesh sent Rhea a forwarded image and wrote, "Sometimes to really see things the way that they truly are, you have to take a step back, and another step, and then a few more". Rhea replied: "So true. still just about getting my vision back. Goodmorning."

On June 12, Mahesh sent another message, "Loneliness plays a key in nurturing the seed of personal creativity and birthing one's true self". On June 14, the morning of Sushant's death, Rhea sent Mahesh this message at 9.35am: "Goodmorning sir. I demand my dose of energy via the morning quotes you send on WhatsApp. That's it love you".

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Mahesh Bhatt is doing fine.Varinder Chawla

Mahesh replied back, "Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor," followed by "Love you child".

To which, Rhea replied: "Love you sir, my angel".

At 2:35pm on June 14, Mahesh texted Rhea, "Call me".

However, he did not receive a response. He called her twice on WhatsApp at around 4 and 5pm. While Soni has restricted her comment section, Pooja has been facing flak on social media for defending her father.

"Just one question, why are u giving so many clarifications when u and ur father haven't done anything. Just be quiet and let CBI do their work. Truth never defend itself. So, have some patience," one user wrote.

Another shared, "U seeem to be a big follower. How would you explain his action towards depression was that even planned against SSR. You like them because u do not see the other side of the coin. its halo effect."

"There is absolutely no need to go around adopting young women and by the way why never has he adopted young men and given counsel..? Great facade and his fam jam believes this man has no maligned intentions with a younger woman," said one user.

Another user noted: "It's time to see ur father with his so called girl Rhea in jail. we public gonna director his lifetime movie.. Looking forward to hearing from SC soon.. Be prepared for it.

"Bollywood is all about Delusional Dreams.. Everyone in Bollywood is trying to become Sherlock Holmes and Karl Marx now a days.. Her Own family member role in 26/11 should be probed again.. #SoniRazdan," said one user.