Sonam Kapoor seeks marriage advice from Karan Johar
Sonam Kapoor seeks marriage advice from Karan JoharInstagram

Sonam Kapoor is enjoying her married life with Anand Ahuja and their pictures on social media certainly gives a glimpse of their happiness. But it did not stop her from seeking advice from her friend and filmmaker Karan Johar to make things even better.

Karan Johar recently got a call from Sonam on the show Calling Karan. The actress sought tips from KJo on ideal ways to adjust in the first year of marriage.

Although Karan is not an expert in this field, he did give some valuable suggestions to Sonam. According to him, one of the main prerequisites in the subject is patience.

"Not that I am a marital expert Sonam! Adjustments are critical because practically being husband and wife, living together, you get privy to all the habits that your partner has that sometimes may not be in conjunction with yours. So the first thing, I really want to tell you is, patience," he reportedly told her on the show.

"It could be anything that may not be in conjunction. First, understand the schedule, routine habits, and then if something really difficult, then try and talk about it. But not definitely in the first year, you don't want to come out so strong and cause roadblocks, initially," the filmmaker said.

Sonam kapoor and Anand Ahuja
Sonam kapoor and Anand AhujaInstagram

Well, Karan himself might not have married, but he seems to be having a good knowledge about how to maintain relationships. Although Sonam's social media feeds suggest that the couple is having a gala time together, asking Karan for advice might leave fans wondering if she is finding it little hard to cope with the changes after marriage.

Sonam's wedding was a starry affair as it was attended by almost all the big celebrities from the industry. After a royal marriage ceremony, a grand reception was held in Mumbai that had stars like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan among others dancing.