Sohail Khan has officially parted ways with Seema Sachdev after being married for over 24 years. The estranged couple tied the knot in 1998 and have two kids. The two had a whirldwind romance before they got married. The news of their divorce has shocked the nation but it industry people claim they saw it coming.

Sohail Khan's alleged love affair with Huma Qureshi
Sohail Khan's alleged love affair with Huma Qureshi

Seema on their unconventional marriage

Seema herself had revealed that they two live separately and theirs is not a "conventional marriage". Rumours of rift between the two had started surfacing when the actor was linked to Huma Qureshi. Despite there being no truth to the rumours of Sohail and Huma dating, tabloids kept publishing stories of them seen together, partying together and what not.

There were also reports of Sohail and Seema ignoring Huma, which the actress took to social media to lambast. When one publication wrote about the "affair" between the two, the Badlapur actress had taken to social media and asked the website to fact check. She had also added that Sohail Khan is like her elder brother.

Sohail Khan and Huma Qureshi
Sohail Khan and Huma QureshiVarinder Chawla

When Huma rubbished the claims

In another interview with HT, Qureshi had said that it hurts her to see all the attention taken away from her hard work. "What really hurts is that without knowing the truth about my life, they (media) go ahead and put these stories. And I'll tell you why they do it; they do it because they want to take away all the attention from my hard work. They want to show that whatever I have achieved in my life is because of my closeness to a particular man, who may be coming from an influential family or is influential himself. That is disrespectful."