There is little doubt that Indian captain Virat Kohli will be the biggest threat for Australia in the upcoming Test series. Kohli, who has been in stupendous form this year, peeled off four centuries in the previous tour back in 201-15, and continues to go from strength-to-strength.

Former Australian batsman Dean Jones has admitted that there are no flaws in his batting and that the hosts should not look to sledge him.

"Do not talk or provoke him. Make him your best mate," Jones was as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.

He has even offered advice to the Australian bowlers to be patient and attack Kohli with a fixed plan in place.

'Bowlers must try to set him up'

Virat Kohli
File photo of Virat Kohli.Matt King/Getty Images

"Trying to find a weakness in Kohli's game is like trying to find something wrong with the Mona Lisa. Teams must stop his cover drive and bowl in different areas. Bowlers must try to set him up with short stuff first and then the odd wide ball on the drive to find the edge. Slips and gully stay on high alert," he added.

However, former Australian captain Kim Hughes spoke in an entirely different tone. He wants the Australian players to be aggressive and try to get under the skin of Kohli in the Test series.

"You are not going to become pussycats. That's not racially vilifying him (Kohli) at all or anything like that but just a good stare, or a couple of words, that's part of the Australian way. Most blokes' nicknames are usually when you have a stuff-up, not when you have a had a glorious moment. He is the type of player that you would feel as an opposition that you could get under his skin," Hughes told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Indian captain has enjoyed batting in Australian conditions. His record in the country - 992 runs including 5 hundreds in 8 Tests -- vindicates the predictions made by former players and pundits. The other batsmen now need to step up and lend a helping hand to the captain.