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A six-year-old boy stabbed a classmate with his divider during a fight over a broken scale in Pune. The victim sustained substantial injuries and is currently undergoing treatment.

A teacher has been booked by the police for the negligence of student safety on school premises, reports The Times of India, after the girl's mother filed a complaint with Yerawada police in Pune.  

The incident occurred when the girl stayed back during the dance class because she was too sleepy. Her classmates went for the class while she proceeded to take a nap in the classroom. The boy then came into the room to find out that his scale was broken. He confronted the girl who denied having any knowledge of the broken scale or how it even broke.

The boy, who was very angry, took the divider from his geometry box and hit the girl with it. He also stabbed her three times. The teachers were alerted of the situation when they heard the girl scream out in pain and rushed to the classroom to find her bleeding profusely. They then took her to a private hospital to get the injuries treated.

After examining the injuries, the doctor said that they were caused by a sharp object.

The police said a case under Juvenile Justice Act was filed against the 39-year-old teacher since it was her job to be responsible and keep an eye on the students in case they stayed back in class during school hours.

In October 2018, a class 11 student in Surat was attacked with a blade at the school's gate. The police alleged that two boys, a 16-year-old and a 19-year-old, were behind the attack. The boy was leaving school at the end of the day when he encountered a group of students blocking the path.

He asked them to move and this graduated to a heated argument which ended up with the victim sustaining a gash on his chest. He was rushed to the New Civil Hospital where the wound was stitched up and he was discharged.