It was on last Sunday, April 19 that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appeared on Fox News and talked with host Chris Wallace. During the talk, Pelosi criticised Donald Trump for his early remarks downplaying the outbreak. And now, just hours after the 'Fox News Sunday' episode, Donald Trump has openly come forward and has called Pelosi, an 'inherently dumb person'.

Is Trump trying to silence critics and media?

In his recent Facebook post, Donald Trump also criticised host Chris Wallace for inviting Pelosi to the show. The president added that Nancy Pelosi had wasted all her time for the impeachment hoax.

Donald Trump
US President Donald TrumpReuters

Nervous Nancy is an inherently "dumb" person. She wasted all of her time on the Impeachment Hoax. She will be overthrown, either by inside or out, just like her last time as "Speaker". Wallace & @FoxNews are on a bad path, watch!" wrote Trump on his Facebook page.

Surprisingly, the comments made by Trump are receiving positive responses from the majority of his followers.

"Nancy Pelosi needs to be voted out. She is not for the American people. Take the high road, Mr President. The people (maybe not the California liberals) see through her. You and your team are doing great," commented Lane Moore, a Facebook user.

"Mr President. Why do you waste your time or even give her space your head? She is a career politician and a FAILURE. You have done more in 3 years than she has in her 33+ miserable years in politics," commented Stephen Villareal, another Facebooker.

Noam Chomsky's allegations against Donald Trump

A few days back, popular American philosopher Noam Chomsky had claimed that the Donald Trump administration had taken things lightly in the initial days of the coronavirus outbreak. Calling Trump, a 'sociopathic buffoon', Chomsky alleged that Donald Trump is responsible for all the chaos that the United States is facing now.

"One day Donald Trump says, 'There is no crisis, it's just like flu.' The next day, 'It's a terrible crisis and I knew it all along.' The next day, 'We have to go back to the business because I have to win the election'. The idea that the world is in these hands is shocking," said Chomsky.