As the United States is rapidly emerging as the hotbed of coronavirus community spread, top American philosopher Noam Chomsky has called President Donald Trump, 'a sociopathic buffoon' and has strongly criticized him for taking the Covid-19 threat lightly in the initial days.

Did the US miss a chance to prevent Covid-19 outbreak?

As per Chomsky, the United States was one of those countries that took the coronavirus threat very lightly, and he blamed Donald Trump for all the chaos the nation is facing now.

Donald Trump

"One day Donald Trump says, 'There is no crisis, it's just like flu.' The next day, 'It's a terrible crisis and I knew it all along.' The next day, 'We have to go back to the business because I have to win the election'. The idea that the world is in these hands is shocking," said Chomsky.

He also added that the coronavirus outbreak could have been easily prevented as a large scale simulation predicted the outbreak of a similar pandemic in October 2019.

"Nothing was done. The crisis was then made worse by the treachery of the political systems that didn't pay attention to the information that they were aware of," added Chomsky.

Chomsky also lauded countries like China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore for containing the virus before it causes much damage to these nation's economic status.

Planet earth awaiting more threats

As per Noam Chomsky, the world will not be saved even if countries succeed in containing the coronavirus outbreak. Chomsky revealed that the possibility of nuclear war and the adverse effects of global warming are two serious threats the world is facing now.

The American philosopher revealed that the world can be recovered post coronavirus threat, but recovery will be impossible if we start facing the devastating effects of nuclear war or global warming.