The predictions made by Abhigya, a 14-year-old Indian astrologer has recently stunned netizens, as the young boy apparently foresaw the rise of the coronavirus in August 2019. Later, in March, the young astrologer uploaded another video on YouTube, and he claimed that the period between March 31 and April 01 is quite crucial.

Interestingly, the number of Covid-19 cases witnessed a spike in this period, and it has made many believe that the predictions made by Abhigya are authentic.

Indian boy astrologer
Indian boy Abhigya predicting future eventsYouTube: Conscience

Another disaster awaiting humans?

In his recent video, Abhigya claims that another disaster will hit the earth on December 20, 2020, and it will continue until March 31, 2021. He also made it clear that this pandemic outbreak or natural disaster will be much more severe than the coronavirus hit which is creating chaos in the world.

The young astrologer also added that humans should gain more immunity to protect themselves from these pandemic outbreaks in the future. He added that locking down farmers will result in an extreme food crisis in all nooks of the planet.

The Indian astrologer claimed that improving the immunity of humans is very much essential to protect us from pandemic outbreaks. As per Abhigya, it is very much necessary to embrace organic foods in the future to ensure human immunity. He also added that people should stop eating meat and meat-related products for a better living in the future.

When will coronavirus outbreak end?

In one of his previous videos, Abhigya has claimed that Covid-19 outbreak will cease on May 31. However, in his new video, the young Indian astrologer shockingly revealed that May 31 will not mark the end of the outbreak, but will reduce the spread for just two days. As per Abhigya, humans will not hear any kind of good news until June 31.

"My dear friends, the coronavirus outbreak is not going to end on May 29. Many social media users including mainstream media outlets have misinterpreted my words in the previous video. Coronavirus is going to start gradually decreasing post-May 29. However, this small cessation in coronavirus outbreak will be there for only two days," said Abhigya.

After watching the video, followers of Abhigya also shared their views on the young astrologer's predictions.

"I feel this should be seen by the government of India about farmers about food facility for people," commented Bharati Sri, a YouTube user.

"We humans destroyed nature now nature teaching us some lessons. You can't escape from karma," commented Sumit Mukherjee, another YouTuber.

Disclaimer: International Business Times, India does not endorse the above views.  Please rely on WHO and local government directives & updates for information on coronavirus pandemic.