Around seven months back, an Indian boy named Abhigya, who claims himself as an astrologer had predicted the rise of biological warfare in 2020. Followers of this young astrologer believe that the boy was apparently referring to the Coronavirus outbreak that is currently in its killing spree all across the world. Now, the Indian boy has released yet another video, and in this clip, the boy claims that the world is going to witness real chaos from today, March 29.

Astrological reasons behind current development?

As per Abhigya, critical planetary alignments and lunar geometry have direct impacts in determining happenings on the world, and one such space event is causing all these havocs on the earth. Abhigya revealed that the real chaos on earth will begin from March 31, and it will last until the night of April 01.

indian boy coronavirus predictions
Indian boy who predicts future world eventsYouTube: Conscience

"Three brightest planets in the solar system, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are conjunct during these days. Different types of energy will hit the surface of the planet during these moments. In the time between March 31, and April 1, Mars and Saturn are completely conjunct, and this will be the time when Coronavirus is very much likely to spread," said the Indian teenage astrologer.

The Indian boy added that the biological war which is being fought now is basically the human attempts to defeat the Covid-19 outbreak. He also urged everyone to stay home to protect themselves from this deadly pandemic.

When will Covid-19 disappear from the earth?

Guidelines for handling COVID-19 bodies

As per Abhigya, the coronavirus outbreak will finally end on May 29, 2020. However, until then, everyone in this world to try hard to stay safe so that the existence of humanity can be saved.

The video of Abhigya uploaded on YouTube has already gone viral and within two days, it has racked up more than 12,10,000 views on YouTube. After watching the video, viewers also shared their opinion about Abhigya's predictions.

"Abhigya is a reborn ancient Rishi," commented Govind D, a YouTube user.

"This is the Universe taking over the world in order to teach humankind to slow down & live a simple life, just the way our ancestors lived," commented Meera Venkatachalam, another YouTuber.