The Covid-19 outbreak has already killed more than 27,300 people all across the world, and the total number of infected patients has already risen to 5,97,000. In the meantime, a psychic has sensationally claimed that the coronavirus outbreak could be an indication of a biological war between the United States and China.

Did the psychic predict coronavirus outbreak?

Self-proclaimed Lebanese psychic and astrologer Layla Abdel Latif claims that Covid-19 was one of her predictions for the year 2020. In a recent interaction with Kuwait's Scoop TV, the psychic revealed that coronavirus appears to be a form of biological warfare between the United States and China.

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"I fear no one in me saying this. We are facing a biological war. Coronavirus is not something that just came randomly, something dubious happened and went out of control. This virus happened as a form of warfare between China and the US and there will be another conflict between the two. A war of a different sort," said Abdel Latif.

Latif also added that the coronavirus scare will fade as time passes by, just like any other threats faced by humans, reports.

However, several studies conducted by experts have dismissed the claims of Covid-19 being a manmade biological weapon. Experts who conducted studies claimed that the genome sequencing of coronavirus indicates its natural origin.

Did an Indian boy predict coronavirus outbreak?

In the meantime, a section of people has started claiming that an Indian boy who is an astrology expert had predicted the coronavirus outbreak in August 2019. In a video uploaded to YouTube, the Indian boy can be seen saying that China is going to face huge issues in 2020, and he also hinted about a biological war that could happen this year. He also went on and predicted that the automobile industry in India could face a severe set back in 2020.