In a shocking incident reported in Uttar Pradesh's Lakhimpur district, a man chewed off his wife's nose after she threatened to leave home. The incident was reported on Sunday, May 3, from Mudiya village in the Neemgaon area.

Domestic violence

Husband chews wife's nose 

The victim Sarojini Devi, aged 34 was allegedly attacked by her husband Moolchand when the couple had a major quarrel. Moolchand has reportedly fled from the place after the incident. 

Sarojini was living separately from her husband for nearly six months due to some disputes between them. She had decided to return back to him on Wednesday on the advice of the village head.

When Sarojini informed Moolchand of returning back to her parents' home later, the latter took it as an insult, consequent to which he thrashed Sarojini and later chewed off her nose.

A case has been registered under the Neemgaon police station against the man.

According to Rajkumar, the Station House officer (SHO) who charged the FIR, "We have booked the accused under IPC section 326 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt) and he will be arrested soon."

Sarojini was immediately hospitalised and has been regaining a stable condition.

Man breaks wife's spine in Vadodara

In a similar incident reported in Vadodara last week, a 24-year-old woman's spine was broken by her husband after she defeated him in the online gaming of Ludo. The woman who suffered serious injuries in her spine is under medical treatment. 

Throughout the national lockdown, several cases of domestic violence have been reported across the country as both husband and wife now stays at home. The Vadodara woman had asked her husband for a game of online ludo so as to prevent him from stepping out of the home and mingling around in the neighbourhood despite the strict lockdown measures.

domestic violence
domestic violence

However, the consecutive victories of his wife instigated the man so much that he thrashed his wife too brutally, breaking her spine causing a gap between two of her vertebrae.

According to the sources the wife has but later agreed to go back to her husband as he apologised for the incident. The case had reached 181 Abhayam helpline where the counsellor mentioned the incident as a result of the man's ego. "His ego was hurt thinking that his wife outsmarts him and was more intelligent as she also contributed to the family income," said the counsellor.