In a shocking incident, a Vadodara couple's yearning for online ludo turned gruesome after the husband broke his wife's spine after he was defeated by her in the game.

The husband allegedly thrashed his 24-year-old wife brutally repeatedly. After being beaten up, the woman suffered from serious injuries in her spine and is now undergoing treatment at a hospital.

The woman wanted her husband to stay indoors following the lockdown as he was reported to be mingling around in the neighborhood despite the lockdown. She asked her husband for a game of online ludo and he agreed. However, the game turned vicious when her husband brutally assaulted her as she defeated him three to four times in the game.

Domestic violence

All happened in a fit of rage

In a fit of rage, the man thrashed his wife so badly that he broke his wife's spine causing a gap between two of her vertebrae. After the heinous incident, the woman was immediately rushed to an orthopedic surgeon.

The case has also reached 181 Abhayam helpline. Following the incident, the woman decided to go to her parents' home rather than returning to be with her husband.

The counsellor of Abhayam, however, gave the woman two options whether she wants to file an FIR or wants to settle the issue with her husband. The woman chose the latter as her husband apologized for what he did. The counsellor added, "His ego was hurt thinking that his wife outsmarts him and was more intelligent as she also contributed to the family income."

The couple has been counseled and they have been told what happens once the marital discord takes place. The woman will return to her husband's home after spending a few days with her parents.

The husband earns enough for the family but due to some installments that they were paying; he had asked his wife to pitch in and she used to take tuitions for some earnings. She has also done a beautician's course.

Chandrakant Makwana from Abhayam stated that the issue has been resolved from their end as the couple has agreed to stay together.