Malavika Mohanan's latest tweets have come under severe criticism from a section of audience. The actress had commented about a sexist cartoon, a fan-made creation.

Malavika Mohanan
Malavika Mohanan.PR Handout

The actress had retweeted a cartoon captioned - #Master Team on Quarantine. In one picture, she is depicted as a woman busy in kitchen, while other men in the fan-made creation is busy with other works.

What Offended Malavika?
In the picture, she is done with the cooking. The sexism in the cartoons did not go well with her and she wrote, "The task of a woman evern in a hy-pothetical "moive house" is to cook? When will gener roles die? Sigh. [sic]"

Adding further, Malavika posted, "And the funny thing is everyone else seems to be chilling/working while the only female is the house is doing any kinds of domestic work? So sexist. Haha. [sic]"

This upset a section of people and notably the fans of Vijay, who criticised her in strong words. Finally the actress deleted the posts to avoid creating a controversy. However, by then, the screen shots of her posts were out on social media sites.

Malavika Mohanan's Tweet
The screenshots of Malavika Mohanan's tweets.Social Media Site

Chinmayi's Support
Meanwhile, Chinmayi Sripaada has come to Malavika Mohanan's support. Supporting the Master actress, the singer and dubbing artiste posted, "A professional actor questions a fan-made illustration for portraying HER 'role' in a way SHE didn't like. She gets bullied, abused and harassed into deleting her tweet. Said sexist 'cartoon' gets close to 1000 Retweets.[sic]"

Master Release Delayed
The movie was supposed to be released in April to coincide with the celebration of Tamil New Year. However, it has been indefinetly postponed due to the lockdown across the country over Coronavirus outbreak.

Lokesh Kangaraj's Master is a crime thriller in which Vijay plays the role of a professor. Vijay Sethupathi is the antagonist in the movie.