While the lockdown must have been a good time for the animals to roam around the roads and streets carefree; frequent attacks by the ferocious wild animals on humans widely across parts of Karnataka and Bengaluru have threatened the public life.

bear spotted in bengaluru

Bear attacks woman

In a shocking incident from Bengaluru, a 65-year-old woman was injured after a bear attacked her in front of her house in Channapatna town. Sakamma, a former councilor was attacked by the wild animal which was sitting in a nearby compound to her house. The animal pounced on the woman as she opened the door and scratched her face.

As her son Sudeep approached to help her from the bear, it attacked him too.

The woman suffering severe injuries was soon admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics in Bengaluru.

In a similar recent incident from Magadi, around 50 km from Bengaluru, a shepherd was injured in a leopard attack while rearing his sheep on a nearby farm.

The areas around the state capital have turned prone to sudden attacks of fierce animals like the leopards. After causing severe injuries to the shepherd, the leopard killed one of his sheep and fled the spot.

Multiple leopard attacks reported

On May 16, a 68-year-old woman near Bengaluru became the second victim to the attack of a leopard in Kottaganahalli near Bengaluru in a week then. Prior to this, a three-year-old boy was also killed by a leopard in a similar incident near Kadaraiahna Palya on the outskirts of Bengaluru on May 9.

Hemanth, the boy was killed by the leopard in the village near Magadi, while the woman, identified as Gangamma was attacked by the feline when she was stepping out of her house on May 16 morning.

Following these attacks, a massive hunt was on to capture the leopard by a team of forest officials and guards in the Turuvekere forest range.

"The leopard appears to have killed the old woman before dawn and dragged her body behind the hutment 200-metre away. The victim's body and her disfigured head were found separated at the spot," said sub-inspector N Suresh to the media on the death of Gangamma.