Fuelling up the panic among the residents, a 68-year-old woman near Bengaluru became the second victim to the attack of a leopard in Kottaganahalli near Bengaluru.

The woman was attacked by the feline when was stepping out of her house on Saturday, May 16 morning. This is the second such incident in the outskirts of the state capital in the last 10 days.


68-year-old woman killed 

The deceased, identified as Gangamma is a resident of Kotuganahalli village in the Tavarekere police station limits. The beheaded body of Gangamma was recovered by the Forest and police officials at some distance from her house.

Recently, a three-year-old boy was also killed by a leopard in a similar incident near Kadaraiahna Palya on the outskirts of Bengaluru on May 9. Hemanth, the boy was killed by the leopard in the village near Magadi.

As the lockdown measures were relaxed in the state by this week, Hemanth, along with his mother travelled to their native village in Kadaraiahna Palya, located between Magadi and Gudemaranahalli road from Dodderi, near Kumbalogodu. 

Boy killed by leopard 

Due to power shortage and the extreme heat inside their room at night on Friday, the family decided to keep their doors and windows open while sleeping. After a while, the mother found that Hemanth was missing from the room and the search for the boy with the help of torch lights led them to stumble across his half-eaten body in the village.

According to the police and Forest department officials, the leopard that killed Hemanth was trapped and released later into the woods. The same leopard must have returned back to the village according to the officials and killed the 68-year-old woman.

In another similar incident reported earlier in March, a three-year-old girl, identified as Chandana, was killed by a leopard at Baichenahalli village in Tumakuru. The girl was reportedly taken away by the leopard while playing in front of her house and just when she was about to go back home.