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Shivaay first dialogue promo released: Ajay Devgn’s sentimental conversation doubles curiosity. Pictured: Shivaay posterTwitter/ajaydevgn

The first dialogue promo of Shivaay was released on YouTube on October 15. Ajay Devgn's sentimental conversation with his daughter and wife has generated more curiosity about its story.

Ajay Devgn released the first dialogue promo of Shivaay on his official YouTube channel on Saturday. The Bollywood actor took to his Twitter handle on Sunday morning to share the link of the video. He also wrote: "For those who've been asking, lets start with this first dialogue promo of @ShivaayTheFilm!"

The producers have also revealed the brief story of Shivaay below the first dialogue promo. "Shivaay is the story of an extraordinary man in an extra ordinary circumstance. Shivaay, a Himalayan mountaineer, is an innocent everyman who is capable of transforming into a mean destroyer when he needs to protect his family," reads the statement below the YouTube video.

The dialogue promo shows Ajay Devgn telling his daughter (Abigail Eames) that he told her a lie and he has kept the details of her mother, who is still alive. The next scene shows he is traveling with the kid and he asks her what she will ask her mother when she meets her. The girl does not speak, but shows greetings card in which she has written "Why? Why? Why?"

In another scene, Ajay is seen telling a lady (Sayesha Saigal) that for the first time, he had to save the girl (Abigail) from her, but now he is saving the girl for her sake. While he is saying this, another lady (Erika Kaar) is walking towards them. These emotional dialogues have given new twist to the story.

The first dialogue promo of Shivaay is getting very good response on YouTube from the audience, who are impressed with the video and eager to watch the film. Some viewers are busy speculating the story. Here are some film goers' comments taken from the YouTube video.

Ketan Kushte: Still not availing storyline....great visuals with emotional touch...looking forward to watch in theatres

ckm kr: Bhai Log isme samajhna kya hai,the mother is not dead as every1 was assuming,she has a bigger role in the movie,infact she is playing -ve main Lead,which makes the movie more interesting now.

Rent Friend: Baby Girl's expressions are so real ....I am sure she will win heart of viewers .

Tushar Shinde: Wow wow wow...superlative story backed with emotion & world class action

Rahul Mahajan: Curiosity increasing day by day. Why is Diwali so late?