The entire nation has been forced to go into a lockdown due to the deadly threat of Corona Virus or COVID-19. Cricketers being some of the most influential people in the country, have also joined the lockdown and have taken to Twitter to request the citizens of India that they should obey the directives of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, one prominent Indian cricketer is having a tough time dealing with the lockdown. This man is being forced to do the regular household chores by his wives while the lady focusses on her make-up and external appearance. This hapless soul is none other than the dashing Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan.

The Delhi boy uploaded a video on his Twitter page which shows him washing clothes in his bathroom's tub while his wife preens herself in front of a mirror. The harassed look on Dhawan's face is accompanied by a Bollywood song in the background which laments the fate of a man who has been reduced to dire straits by his wife after marriage.

Shikhar Dhawan
Dhawan is locked up in his house like the rest of the countryIANS

As you may have understood by now, this video is a great piece of comical drama by the southpaw batsman who is known for having a brilliant sense of humour. After his wife makes him wash the clothes, according to the video, she forces him to clean the toilet bowl using a stick for further motivation while speaking on the phone, possibly to her friend.

This video is not just an attempt to provide his Twitter followers some comic relief during this distressing time but also a plug for a company that manufactures speakers. Dhawan is carrying a loud speaker playing the depressing post-marital song on his neck.

Prior to posting this 'depressing' video, the left-handed opener had put out a tweet with a very unique and considerate request. While everyone is concerned about their and their family's safety from the virus, the opener drew the attention of his followers to the plight of the birds and animals these days.

"During this lockdown a lot of animals/birds who were dependent on us for their daily food are now going to go hungry. Humble request to you to put out food/water bowls outside your homes. From the safety of our homes, save some souls," Shikhar wrote. This is indeed an aspect of the crises that hasn't got enough attention.

It's good to see that Dhawan is trying to see the funnier side of things. He, along with other cricketers, were preparing for Indian Premier League and the World T20 when the deadly COVID-19 epidemic put a hold to the entire sporting season. Hopefully, people can also emulate Dhawan and find ways to remain cheerful within their homes.