Aditya Roy Kapur, Ananya Panday
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It has been a while since Aditya Roy Kapur and Ananya Panday almost confirmed their relationship. The two met at success meet party and love blossomed soon. While Ananya and Aditya have left little to the imagination with their interviews about one another, dad Chunky Panday has also reacted to their relationship question now.

Ananya, Aditya, Ranbir
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On dating Aditya

In a latest interview, Chunky was asked about his take on dating a much older Aditya Roy Kapur. To this, Chunky said that she is earning more than what he did and he can't tell a 25-year-old how to lead her life. "I mean it's fine. I think she is 25, she is earning more money than I did. She is free to do what she wants. How dare I tell my 25 year old daughter what to do," he told Lehren.

On Ananya's intimate scenes

Chunky was again asked about some of the intimate scenes that Ananya has done in her films and reacting to it the Tirchi Topiwale actor said that everyone has seen it in Hollywood and it is no big deal anymore. "Yes I am fine with it. I have seen it in Hollywood. There is no harm. You have to accept it," he added.

Ananya pandey
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Netizens praise Chunky

Now, social media is hailing Chunky Panday for his take on Ananya Panday's scenes and her relationship. "I think it's very cool for a father to acknowledge his daughter is earning more money than he ever did. Also, she's an adult so she should be able to date who she wants, make mistakes and learn from it," wrote a user. "He is loaded but he wasn't earning that well from the movies in 90s. But Chunky has worked his ass off to sustain where he even started working in Bangladeshi cinema as a leading star when he wasn't getting meaty roles in Bollywood," another commented.

"I like this take. She's 25 and not a child and it's good to date. Indian parents need to see their kids as adults with their own personal life- more so parents of daughters. Even if someone isn't earning or is broke doesn't mean they can't have a life. This is a sensible take," a comment read. "He pretty much means she's financially independent and makes her own decisions, proper PR response and on brand with Chunky's easy going image.To begin with, it's a terribly odd question to ask a father. "Uncle, how do you feel about Reema dating her colleague?" another one commented.