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Conspiracy theory channel 'Suspect Sky' has released a bizarre video featuring a cylindrical flying object hovering across the skies of Germany. The object was apparently shot on May 23, 2018, and adding up the mystery quotient, the flying spacecraft shapeshifted on multiple occasions.

The video soon became viral on online spaces as many conspiracy theorists proposed that it could mean an alien invasion is imminent. According to these theorists, extraterrestrials have been visiting the earth for many years and the governmentsare aware of it, though never admitted.

They even added that these alien beings are now ready for a disclosure which may finally turn out to be devastating. Conspiracy theorists also allege that chemtrails which are being sprayed widely in the skies are used to hide the alien spaceships hovering across the skies in daytime.

People who watched the video soon started coming out with various theories explaining this weird sky phenomenon. Johanna Maynard, a YouTube user suggested that this shapeshifting UFO might be actually spaceships built by the US Air Force using advanced alien technology.

"I hate to assume, but being Germany, and the USAF there suggest US Military technology. Some of us from the Pueblo tribes are keeping up with what matches with our pictographs and petroglyphs. Remember, advanced technology is not shared with the general public or military," commented Johanna Maynard.

An anonymous YouTube with the username '6141961' later revealed that he witnessed a similar sighting in Ohio on May 26, 2018. The eyewitness argued that the incident happened in Champaign County and the object came from the northeast direction and moved towards the southwest.

The new UFO sighting came just a few days after an anonymous flying object was spotted in the skies of Ireland. The incident happened in broad daylight, and the video of the sighting showed two eerie objects in the sky above Saint Patrick Cathedral, blinking in regular succession.