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Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania' has released an eerie footage which shows a bizarre flying object in the skies of Oklahoma City. The video was apparently shot on May 23, and Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is currently investigating this case.

The video was shot from a car, and through the window, we can see a bright cylindrical flying object hovering in the skies. The report submitted to MUFON reveals that the object was moving across the skies at a very slow speed, and it was emanating light too.

As the video went viral on online spaces, viewers were quick to speculate what happened in the sky.

Many conspiracy theorists strongly argue that the weird object spotted in the camera might be an alien ship which came from deep space. According to these theorists, aliens used to visit earth regularly to monitor the activities of human beings. Recently, a section of conspiracy theorists has revealed that extraterrestrials are gearing up for a disclosure.

Even though conspiracy theorists consider this sighting an authentic proof of alien life, sceptics have called it outlandish, and they make it clear that the object spotted in the clip might be actually an aeroplane or drone. Some of these sceptics argue that the anomaly in the video might be due to some kind of light which fell on the car's window.

"This looks to be an out of focused plane coming towards the camera... making it look like it is hovering. Because its traveling from a distance.. Nice try though," commented Christopher Gastelum, a YouTube user.

The report of the new sighting comes just a few days after another pyramidal UFO was spotted in the skies of New York. The object spotted in the video seems very similar to that of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Many people claim that these golden ships are actually interstellar spacecraft used by Anunnaki aliens.