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Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is apparently investigating the case of a golden pyramidal UFO which appeared in New York skies in May 2018. The video of the incident was later shared by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania', and it is now trending on online.

According to the narrator of the video, the sighting reportedly happened in Melville, New York, at around 05.00 AM. The object spotted in the video looks very similar to those ancient Egyptian pyramids. We can also see bright light emanating from the pyramid UFO.

As the video went viral, alien buffs all across the world strongly argued that sightings like these are a concrete evidence of extraterrestrial existence. They even claimed that the US government is well aware of alien existence, but they are intentionally covering it up for unknown reasons.

As the video started storming in the online spaces, viewers were soon to speculate what happened in the skies of New York.

Many people who watched the video argued that these golden ships are basically interstellar flying spacecraft used by Anunnaki aliens.

"The ancient Sumerian Anunnaki ships are made from gold that's why they were here mining it. Soon to return when that planet Niburu returns," commented Wayne90079, a YouTube user.

"The Annunaki have been here for over a year. Annunaki live on Nibiru! There solar system has been running around in our solar system for over a year and they were mining gold for their atmosphere, on their planet. The Anunnaki ships are actually copper-coloured. This was taken at 5 a.m. so the bright orangish yellow, is ricocheting from the sun, and that made their ship look golden," commented Caroline2017, another YouTube user.

However, sceptics believe that the object spotted in the video is actually a weather balloon.

The report of the new sighting came just hours after another video featuring the interrogation of an alleged alien was leaked online by YouTube channel Misterio TV. According to the conspiracy theory channel, the video was apparently shot by an anonymous man named Victor, and he alleges that the US Air Force is conducting some secret experiments in Area 51. Victor even claims that the alien video was shot from the S4 military base when military officials were questioning the kidnapped extraterrestrial.

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