Shah Rukh Khan was seen thrilling his fans with his funny replies to their questions on his next film, Salman Khan's song, and his suggestions to quit smoking during his live chat sessions with his Twitter followers.

Shah Rukh Khan surprised all his Twitter followers on Monday evening by having a live chat with them. He tweeted, "Ok it's a good idea. Let's do #AskSRK but not too long please because I have to go and do....nothing...for a bit before I do some more of it later.  Let's begin...please use the hashtag."

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan
Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri KhanTwitter

A fan asked him how he is spending his time during the lockdown. In funny reply, Shah Rukh Khan wrote, "Inspite of contributing to the population boom, having three kids to be with is a treat. They r in all shapes and sizes, so the day goes by being with them each for a couple of hours. Then spend rest of the day cleaning up their toys!"

A fan named Ankit Jain asked him, "Any suggestions how to quit smoking, trying too hard." Shah Rukh Khan himself has been struggling hard to kick the butt for long time and he had paid a huge price for this habit. He replied, " are looking for answers in the wrong place my friend. Best of luck with your endeavour."

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh KhanTwitter

Today, Salman Khan has released his much-awaited song, which is getting a good response. Bhavesh Ramrakhyani tweeted, "#asksrk @BeingSalmanKhan just launched his new song in his voice about corona and his love about country. Have you watched this? @iamsrk." Shah Rukh Khan responded, "Bhai kamaal ka Single aur Singer hai..."

It has been two years after the release of Zero and Shah Rukh Khan is yet to announce his next film. Several speculations were made about it, but he has kept mum on them. During his live chat. King Khan received a maximum number of questions on his next film, but he dodged them with funny answers. Here are some of his replies to fans.

Shah Rukh Khan

Adil: Scripts to bohot padhi Hongi Apne ab ekhad sign bhi kardo #AskSRK

SRK: Abe sign to kar doon...abhi shooting kaun karega!!

Rajkumar: Keep let us know whether u are doing films with Raju Hirani , Atlee and Siddharth Anand #AskSRK

SRK: Is it alright if I can forward the scripts to you also.  Don't stress will do lots of films my man.

Chirag: When will u announce ur next ...Tired of rumours...and Analyzing ur next by looking at ur looks in video n guessing the film u r doing #asksrk

SRK: Don't tire yourself. It's obvious I will do some's obvious they will be made..and it's obvious you all will know.

 Suraj: Sir aamir is releasing laal singh Salman is relasing radhe Akki is releasing many movies Or aap bahane Why? #AskSRK @iamsrk

SRK: Yaar yehi pehle aap...pehle aap mein pista jaa raha hoon...kya karoon.

Mahaprasad Nanda: Hey @iamsrk , What is one message you would give to your fans who are waiting for your next film?! #AskSRK

SRK: Sabr  ka phal acchha  hi hota hai...mostly.

Srk'sRibbonAsh: #AskSRK sir next movie m full mass action hona chahiye kya bolte hoWinking faceFire

SRK: Bhai social aur physical distancing mein...Mass ki baat mat bol please...will do everything don't worry.