Rakesh Roshan's directorial Karan Arjun was a cult classic film when it first hit theatres in January 1995, starring two of the most promising actors of that era, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Along with Aamir Khan, the trio is one of the most widely recognised bunch of Bollywood celebs. 

Karan Arjun was made on an initial budget of Rs 4 crores, but it went on to earn a mammoth INR 53.58 crores at the Box Office. Fans just loved the amalgamation of Shah Rukh and Salman, along with other big names such as Kajol, Mamta, Kulkarni, Amrish Puri, Ranjeet Johnny Lewer and more.

Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan
Salman Khan and Shah Rukh KhanTwitter

Karan Arjun was originally offered to Sunny and Bobby Deol

But did you know that initially Shah Rukh and Salman were not the first choices of Rakesh Roshan? Yes, the project that would go on to redefine an entire era, happened by sheer coincidence. Karan Arjun was originally offered to Sunny Deol, and Rakesh also wanted his younger brother Bobby Deol in the film. 

During that time, Sunny, the son of veteran legendary actor Dharmendra had already made his debut in 1983 with the film Betaab. But Bobby was yet to step foot in the film industry. Due to this, when Rakesh offered him a role in Karan Arjun, Sunny had to reject the film, because the film would have clashed with his younger brother's first film Barsaat. 

Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol
Sunny Deol and Bobby DeolTwitter

Salman Khan was the third choice for Karan Arjun, behind Ajay Devgn

Sunny, being an ideal elder brother sacrificed the role in Karan-Arjun, knowing that it could have an influence on the first film of Bobby's career. Thus, as fate would have it, instead of making his debut with Rakesh Roshan, Bobby opted to make his bow in Bollywood with Barsaat. Sunny too, had rejected the film, so Karan Arjun was offered to Ajay Devgn. 

Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan
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By that time, Rakesh had already roped in Shah Rukh Khan for one the lead roles, and knowing this, Ajay also said no to the project. Later on, the director was able to convince Salman Khan, and this is how Karan Arjun happened to have the iconic duo of Salman and Shah Rukh came together on the silver screen, for the first time.