Salman Khan is known for his infamous temper. The actor has often found himself at odds with actors over numerous reasons. There was one time he had a fight with Jackie Shroff on the sets of Bandhan, over his girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani. 

Salman Khan's fight with Jackie Shroff on the sets of Bandhan

Salman Khan and Jackie share a close friendship. But, this was not always the case. The two actors once had a fight on the sets of Bandhan. At the time Salman Khan was dating Sangeeta Bijlani. 

Jackie Shroff on playing Salman Khan's father in Bharat
Jackie Shroff on playing Salman Khan's father in BharatVarinder Chawla/IANS

After Sangeeta Bijlani had appeared in a film alongside Jackie Shroff, their pair and chemistry impressed the audiences. Many rumours began to spread about the two dating around Bollywood. This did not sit well with Salman Khan. When he was offered to do a film with Jackie Shroff, he refused to work with the actor. Moreover, others in Bollywood began adding fuel to fire by passing on more rumours to the actor.

However, on the sets of the film Bandhan, where the two were cast beside each other, Salman Khan engaged Jackie Shroff in a fight. Both actors lost their temper and things got out of hand. Sangeeta Bijlani then came on the set and cleared the air with Salman Khan, telling him that the rumours were false. Sangeeta later shut down the rumours and those who were trying to gossip about her as well.

Jackie Shroff and Salman Khan share a good relationship today, and the two will be working Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai together as well. They clearly put the past behind them.