Shah Rukh Khan, Kapil Sharma, Vidya Balan
Shah Rukh Khan, Kapil Sharma, Vidya Balan

While Kapil Sharma has managed to win the country's heart all over again, there was a time when he rubbed many celebrities the wrong way. Several celebrities had had to wait for hours for Kapil Sharma to shoot show up on his sets. The majority of such shows ended up getting canceled.

Celebs who lost their cool on Kapil Sharma Show

Arjun Rampal: There were reports that Arjun Rampal also had to go back from the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show after several hours of waiting. However, Kapil told Bombay Times, "When Arjun Rampal came to our set, I chose to stay put despite feeling sick. In fact, he decided to call it a day after seeing my deteriorating condition. These stars make my show. How can I make them wait? I can't be above them or the show. If I had not taken this break and canceled one more shoot, people would have believed all kinds of rumours."

Ajay Devgn: Along with his team of Baadshaho, Ajay had reached Kapil Sharma Show's set to promote his film. However, he had to leave when Kapil did not turn up even after several hours of waiting. Talking about it, Ajay Devgn had said, "Shows have been canceled quite a number of times. I really don't know what happened exactly. But reports said that we left the sets in anger. We did not leave in anger. We left as he had not reached the sets till then. He's a friend. When I'll talk to him next, we'll get to know what was wrong. Kapil must have had some problems. But I really don't know. So, if there is anger or not, I can't really answer your question." In his defense, Kapil Sharma had told Bombay Times, "Ajay (Devgn) sir can't be upset with me either, we share birthdays. I haven't been able to speak to him as he is busy traveling, but there is no bad blood."

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Vidya Balan: There was a time when a furious Vidya Balan had walked out of the show after being made to wait for six hours. As per an India Today report, Vidya Balan had come to promote her film - Begun Jaan - but was made to wait for close to six hours without any update of when exactly would Kapil turn up for the shoot. After staying patient and waiting for over six hours, Vidya lost her cool and walked out. But Kapil came soon after and called Vidya up. Kapil not only requested her to come back but even apologized to her for the delay. While many other celebs would have refused to come back, it was Vidya's regard for Kapil that made her return. The duo shot for a fabulous episode together and left us with many memorable moments.

Vidya Balan
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Shah Rukh Khan: Anushka Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan were supposed to come for the promotion for their film – Jab Harry Met Sejal. However, owing to Kapil's ill-health, the shoot had to be canceled. "Kapil had to shoot with actor Shah Rukh Khan for Jab Harry Met Sejal on Friday night but he fainted on the sets during the shoot. He is under a lot of stress because of the show and is doing everything possible to keep it on top of the TRP. This stress took a toll on him and the shoot had to get canceled," a report in HT said. "After Shah Rukh Khan left without shooting, he met me in his car for almost an hour the following day and advised me to take care of my health," Kapil told Bombay Times.

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