The arrest of Aryan Khan in a cruise drugs raid left the world shocked. No one was prepared for the fact that the star kid would have to stay in jail for more than 20 days in a row. While the entire industry came out in support of Shah Rukh Khan and his son, it was his team of the most brilliant lawyers of the country that finally secured Aryan Khan's bail.

Shah Rukh Khan picture with legal team
Shah Rukh Khan picture with legal teamANI

Chased by foreign media

People were impressed by Shah Rukh Khan's dignity and silence throughout the fiasco. SRK didn't comment, express his thoughts, or make public appearances when Aryan was in custody. What's more? The way he folded his hands in front of his fans despite going through the most trying times of his life, made industry people fall in love with the superstar even more.

Now, it has been said that SRK has been approached by various foreign media outlets for a tell-all interview on the whole case. That Shah Rukh Khan is a global icon is a known fact so it doesn't come as a surprise to know how the foreign media would dig this TRP-shattering interview.

As per India Today report, media outlets from the United States of America and the United Kingdom have sent interview requests. But, King Khan has turned them down.

Aryan Khan
Aryan KhanInstagram

Requests turned down

"Shah Rukh's manager Pooja Dadlani has received multiple requests from media outlets in the US and the UK to speak to them in a tell-all interview. However, SRK has turned down all such requests and has decided to stay mum on the subject," the insider told IndiaToday.