A bloody, thrilling, and deathly venture, the trailer for Telugu star Naga Chaitanya's series 'Dhootha' has released a stunning, and tonally dark trailer, fusing a relentless pursuit for truth by an investigative journalist who much to his own horror, finds himself encircled by deaths and suicides, showing that sometimes, the price for truth is blood.

Starting off at a conference, the trailer sees the actor as a journalist who is telling others that the actions of the state, be it through police, judiciary, or politicians, can only be brought to accountability through the press, detailing that finding the truth is both their right and their duty.

The series is based around this very narrative where Naga tells the audience that journalists are questioners, seekers, and ultimately messengers which in Telugu translates to 'Dhootha'.

Very soon, however, as Naga begins covering some odd killings which always finds victims standing in a puddle of some very select newspaper killings, his pursuit for truth becomes a grisly blood bath.

Naga Chaitanya's Pursuit For Truth Can Only Be Paid In Blood In 'Dhootha' Grisly Trailer
Naga Chaitanya's Pursuit For Truth Can Only Be Paid In Blood In 'Dhootha' Grisly TrailerIANS

A colleague of his commits suicide right in front of him, staining him with his blood and he is later witness to another murder which makes him want to drop his case. But coming this far along, now escape is no longer an option.

The actor's wife, who is portrayed by Shruti Haasan, is also worried sick about him, and as his pursuit turns darker and worse when his own family becomes a target.

Detailing the show, director Vishnu Kumar said: "'Dhootha' which means 'The Messenger', is a fast-paced suspense thriller with a unique blend of unpredictability and supernatural elements that will keep audiences at the edge of their seats, while they try to guess what happens next in Sagar's life. Unable to comprehend the reason and sequence of the gruesome accidents, Sagar's past transgressions come back to haunt, not only him but also, everyone he knows and loves, as he is compelled to introspect and think about the consequences of his actions."

Talking about the show, the 'Custody' star said: "The unique concept of the series complemented by the experience of working with Vikram and the entire team has been extremely fulfilling and enriching for me as an actor, and I am thrilled to be making my streaming debut with a series as intriguing and distinct as 'Dhootha'. With a character as layered as Sagar's in such a poignant story, I reckoned that I would be stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself in a way I haven't done before."

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni
Akkineni Naga Chaitanya

"While it is a fictional story, Dhootha is thought-provoking, as it makes the audience rethink choices and decisions from their own life. And I am confident that my fans as well as ardent followers of the thriller genre will be on their toes as they watch the series", he added.

Malayalam star Parvathy Thiruvothu said: "Playing the role of Kranthi, a cop, in 'Dhootha' has been both a challenging and exhilarating experience. As I delved deeper to understand the complexities, vulnerabilities, and strengths of my character, I realised that the series goes beyond just the hunt for a criminal, and turns into a mind-bending cat and mouse chase between a law enforcement officer and a journalist."

She added: "For my very first Telugu project, I am thrilled to have worked with Vikram, Naga Chaitanya and the rest of the team of such talented professionals both in front and behind the camera, and I can't wait to see the audiences' reaction to the series."

'Dhootha' will be released on Prime Video in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam on December 1, 2023.

(With inputs from IANS)