Fusion Recipes To Try At Home

Fusion recipes to try at home

Cook up some fusion magic with teamwork as you experiment with flavours, blend traditions, and create scrumptious dishes that reflect your unique bond. Voltas Beko brings you flavourful recipes that will tickle your taste buds. 19 days ago
5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity

Health Byte: 5 tips to boost your immunity

Embracing good health and proper nutrition remains paramount. Stay healthy throughout the year by taking care of yourself against seasonal health issues like colds, allergies, and infections. 22 days ago
DCGI Issues Advisory Against Digene Gel

DCGI issues advisory against antacid 'Digene Gel'

Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi has issued an advisory to discontinue the use of antacid Digene Gel manufactured by drugmaker Abbott India at its Goa unit. 25 days ago