Gunmen shot dead two civilians and a policeman in a recent wave of attacks on police posts in Saudi Arabia, even as the kingdom is dealing with the crisis of the tragic Haj stampede. 

Two gunmen wearing masks attacked a police post in Saudi Arabia's Al-Shamli region on Thursday, killing two civilians. A policeman was shot dead in the same town minutes later, the Saudi Press Agency said on Friday.

The policeman was identified as Sergeant Abdulelah Saud Brak Al-Rashidi.

The identity and motive of the attackers is not yet clear, though Saudi Arabia has witnessed an increasing number of attacks on police and security officials, often claimed by Isis supporters.

Isis had claimed responsibility for the shooting of policemen in Riyadh earlier this year, while the terror group also carried out massive terror attacks at Shia mosques in the country.

Islamic State's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had called supporters to carry out strikes against Saudi Arabia's authorities and Shia community in an audio message last year.

While Saudi Arabia had taken all precautions to thwart any terror attack during the annual Haj pilgrimage this week, a stampede that broke out on Eid al Adha on Thursday left over 700 people dead.