Representational image: A member loyal to ISIS waves its flag in Raqqa, Syria.Reuters file

An Isis supporter from Saudi Arabia, who was reportedly involved in killing of two policemen and injuring two others in separate attacks in Riyadh, was arrested by the Saudi police on Tuesday morning, following a gun battle.

Local reports claim that the wanted Isis terrorist Nawaf bin Sharif Samir al-Onaizi, along with Mohammad Abdulrahman Abu Niyan, carried out terror attacks on the behalf of Isis in March and April.

A Saudi Gazette report stated that the local police received a tip-off that Onaizi, who has a bounty of one million riyals ($266,666) on his head, was hiding in a camp in Ramah area. It is reported that he had adopted a Moroccan accent and was using a false name to disguise his identity.

But when the police arrived at the scene, Onaizi started firing at the officers, who then shot and injured him.

Last Friday, the Saudi Interior Ministry had announced that it had arrested 23-year-old Abu Niyan, involved in the Riyadh shooting. During the interrogation, he told the police that he and Onaizi had met with an Isis recruiter, who had reportedly given them money to carry out the attack in Riyadh.

Earlier last year, the Islamic State had asked its followers in Saudi Arabia to carry out attacks against the local authorities, Western expatriates and members of the Shi'ite Muslim minority in the country, instead of travelling to Syria or Iraq to join the militant outfit.