When Sanjay Kapoor and Shanaya Kapoor made their appearance as father and daughter in the reality television show Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, everyone got the hint that Shanaya Kapoor was the latest member from the Kapoor clan set to make her debut as an actress. 

A quick interaction with Sanjay Kapoor had been arranged with International Business Times at a short notice, where Sanjay Kapoor excitedly wanted to talk about his first role as an on-screen cop. Cops over the ages have come on screen as the Angry Young Man, Singham, or the corrupt man or as the regular man trying to solve a crime.

Sanjay Kapoor's character comes with a supernatural gift. While talking about his latest venture, IBT also dug in to find out if Shanaya will become the Kapoor cousin to join the acting business.  

How did you manage to shoot for The Last Hour in the middle of so many lockdown schedules?

Sanjay Kapoor

Fortunately, we had completed shooting for The Last Hour before the pandemic had started. In fact, had the lockdown not happened, and the pandemic not happened, our post-production wouldn't have been delayed. But we had physically finished shooting for the film. If the pandemic wouldn't have happened, this show would have released six or seven months earlier.

As an actor what kind of genre has been your favourite?

You're right, I have been working as an actor for the last 26 years, I think more than the genres, I like the variety of roles. I have done romantic films, action films, I have done negative roles, like Koi Mere Dil Se Puche, and I did Qayamat, I did fun films like Luck By Chance and Shandaar. Now here I am doing a supernatural crime thriller. What I'm doing for the first time, I'm playing a cop in the film for the first time in my life, in my last 26 years I have never played a cop in my life, so yeah it is an interesting phase for me. It is interesting that I got the chance to do various kinds of roles and I'm still doing different roles.

So, the first time you are playing a cop and you have to encounter supernatural activities. It's not like solving real crime. Would you like to comment on that experience?

Speaking about The Last Hour, it is a supernatural crime thriller. It is basically a crime thriller, Im a cop posted in the northeast, and he has to solve this murder. Although, Im playing a cop, Im a vunlerable character, Im not a supercop, larger than life, extremely like, they can do no wrong. He has a family, insecurities are there, the complexes of family, but side by side he is a cop who needs to solve his murder case, he needs to do his job. He realises that he has a gift, superpower, he gets to know what happens when a human dies, what happens in the last hour by touching. That's how he solves these wierd murders happening in the area.
So basically it is a crime thriller, he has the power, to know what happens in the last hour.

Sanjay Kapoor

Do you think that horror genres are not taken seriously in India like in Hollywood we treat the work of Stephen King?

Well like I said, this is not a horror genre first of all, so I would not answer this in that kind of a thing. There are no ghosts, chudail. There is a person who has a gift to see what happens when a person dies. So there is a lot of difference between horror and supernatural. We have made it very realistic. So when you are watching it you will believe what is happening and feel the part of the characters. The director has created the ambience, the location is also adding to the eerieness of the show. It has become very believable. We wanted fresh faces because when you cast new faces they leave a better impact than seasoned actors.

Acting has been in your family, will Shanaya Kapoor will soon be joining the show business?


What is she looking for?

Well, she has signed a film. Her journey has just started, when you talk to her I think she will be the best person to answer all the questions about herself. We will stick to Sanjay Kapoor and The Last Hour.

While you have been an established actor, your children take over and become the more prominent stars. How do you see this culture?

Well, that's a good thing, obviously, any father would be very proud of it. But there are a few things she should learn on her own, and there are a few things I would like her to answer on her own. Anyway, right now I'm on this platform to discuss Amazon Prime Video's The Last Hour, not my children. (Smiles).