Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday announced that seven women achievers will share their lives' journeys and interact with the people through his social media accounts on the occasion of International Women's Day.

"Greetings on the International Women's Day! We salute the spirit and accomplishments of our 'Nari Shakti'. As I'd said a few days ago, I'm signing off. Throughout the day, seven women achievers will share their life journeys and perhaps interact with you through my social media accounts," the Prime Minister tweeted.

PM Modi
PM Modi at the Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 event

PM Modi gives his social media platforms to women achievers

PM Modi

On March 3, PM Modi had announced he would give his social media platforms to women to handle on Women's Day. In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister said that India had outstanding women achievers who had done great work in a wide range of sectors.

"Their struggles and aspirations motivate millions. Let us keep celebrating the achievements of such women and learning from them."

On the occasion, the Prime Minister also greeted senior BJP leader Vasundhara Raje, saying she had made "noteworthy contributions" towards Rajasthan's progress and distinguished herself as a Union Minister.  "May she lead a long and healthy life."

Meet the women achievers

Chennai-based social worker Sneha Mohandoss, among the seven women achievers to handle Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Twitter account on International Women's Day on Sunday, urged people to feed at least one needy person.

In a tweet, Mohandoss said: "I feel empowered when I do what I'm passionate about! I wish to inspire my fellow citizens, especially women, to come forward and join hands with me. I urge everyone to feed at least one needy person and contribute to a hunger-free planet."

Bomb-blast survivor Malvika Iyer, the second woman achiever handling Prime Minister Narendra Modi's social media account on International Women's Day on Sunday, tweeted a message of courage -- How we survive our challenges matters the most.

"Acceptance is the greatest reward we can give ourselves. We can't control our lives but we surely can control our attitude towards life. At the end of the day, it is how we survive our challenges that matters the most. Know more about me and my work -- @MalvikaIyer #SheInspiresUs," she tweeted from Modi's account.