In a slow-paced manner, Bollywood has turned into a more sensible zone. It is no longer acceptable towards the moral standards set by Sooraj Barjatya in his three-hour-long films. Lately, films in Bollywood has been more specific about the content produced by the people than the glamour, and one has witnessed the shift in the pattern in the film industry.

Here are some of the films which explored that behind every successful, happy woman, there was a family who didn't care about the opinion of the society, and thereby develop an excuse to denigrate the woman. 

piku dangal


Bhaskor Banerjee was one of those fathers who never felt ashamed of the fact that his daughter was not a virgin. He knew what men wanted and tried to show the reality to his daughter Piku, each time he planned to go out on a date with someone. Amid everything Bhaskor always made sure that no harm comes to the daughter no matter who she marries, and if for that he needs to be straight-forward, so be it!. 

Ki and Ka

Perhaps for the first time in the Hindi cinema, we met a mother who recommended sex before marriage, terming it as something important before commitment. Being the elderly person in the household she managed to explain the root cause of the marital problems which were faced by the daughter in an unbiased fashion.

She didn't blindly support her daughter for being the one with whom she shared a consanguine relation but chose to think like a mother and a mother-in-law who remains fair to the men and women in the family. 


The journey of Mahavir Singh Phogat to make the best space for her daughters became one of the hit topics of 2016, even amidst demonetisation. This was a man who hailed from Haryana and broke the stereotypes about how daughters should be raised in the family.

He never bothered about the fact that his daughters got the death stare for their early morning routines, and made sure they received the best of training from him to perform wrestling in international matches. Dangal was a hit, not only because of its groundbreaking presence of bulky Aamir Khan but for focusing on priorities. 

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Aditi's parents in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Peach and Pumpkin believed in the well-being of their daughter. Like all the viewers on screen, they too misunderstood Jay to be Aditi's lover and chose to speak to him to be a part of their family, however, when they partly suspected him of being a gold-digger, they chose to ask for Aditi's consent before finalising on a date. 



For various reasons, Queen was a major breakthrough film portraying the right kind of idea about feminism, where women stood by women and chose to emancipate herself from the chains that restricted her from living her life. But what made an otherwise meek and docile Rani convert into this strong and independent woman?

It was the support of her parents who felt the constant need to stand by her during tough times instead of finding excuses to get her married again without her consent. So even when Rani's father received a text about Rani visiting a sex shop in a foreign country, he hid his awkwardness and chose to remain supportive. 

Badhaai Ho 

Two women managed to shine out in Badhaai Ho, Surekha Suri and Neena Gupta. Surekha Suri who is popular for her portrayal in Balika Vadhu was seen in a completely different character in Badhaai Ho where she supported the idea of a husband and wife keeping up with their physical intimacy at an old stage in their life.

That was not all, remember when Mrs Kaushik chose to confront Nakul to find out the cause for his break-up with Renee? Although Nakul did everything to defend his family who was being ridiculed, the mother character here only reminded his son that it was a conversation between a concerned mother and her daughter where he unintentionally became an eavesdropper. Instead of buttering his false sense of masculinity she chose to make him accept his fault and treat his girlfriend with respect.