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Jitesh Pillai's shocking comment on Hina Khan's debut at the Cannes Film Festival has become the talking point in the industry. "Cannes has suddenly become Chandivali Studios kya?" the magazine editor had posted in his Instagram story. Many prominent names of the TV fraternity found the comment very distasteful and objectionable in nature. So when Salman Khan, who had hosted Hina Khan in Bigg Boss 11, was asked to comment on the matter, the Bharat actor had a very sarcastic take on it which has now garnered praises from his and Hina Khan's fans.

At the Zinda song launch, Salman, initially, said that he was not aware of the editor's comment on Hina. So when he was told about it, Salman replied, "That's very responsible of that editor to make a comment like that." He was addressing the media at the press conference in Mumbai. 

Undoubtedly, Salman's answer to the question was quite confusing. So when he was asked to explain his answer, Salman said, "Very thoughtful of the editor to make a comment like that on Hina. I don't understand kya kehna chah rahe the. Cannes is Chandivali or has Chandivali has gone to Cannes?"

And we bet Hina Khan would be happy to hear Salman's answer to the editor for throwing a nasty comment on her Cannes 2019 appearance.

Replying to the editor's comment on her, Hina had earlier tweeted, "I was persistent, I am constant and I will be efficient again and again and again. Don't know where I belong, don't know if I have to, as the place doesn't define me. Because as always I will work my a** off and I will make my own place. My promise, a proud outsider from my Chandivali Studios."

After facing massive flak, the magazine editor apologised to Hina for his comment saying that his comment was misconstrued and wished her continued success. Hina accepted his apology and even thanked him for his good wishes. 

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At her Cannes red carpet debut, Hina was seen wearing a sparkling grey gown by Lebanese designer, Ziad Nakad with a moderate trail and a plunging neckline. She completed the look with her hair tied back, minimal make-up and nude pink lips.