Controversies favourite child Salman Khan is in the news yet again. The actor has received fresh threats from gangster Lawrence Bhisnoi, who is currently in jail serving his sentence. Following the fresh threats, Mumbai police have reviewed and tightened his security. The actor has already been given Y-plus security due to a life threat. In a Facebook post addressing Punjabi singer-actor Gippy Grewal, an account claiming to be of the gangster wrote, "You consider Salman Khan a brother, but now it's time for your 'brother' to come and save you. This message is also for Salman Khan – don't be in the illusion that Dawood will save you; no one can save you. Your dramatic response to Sidhu Moose Wala's death did not go unnoticed. We all know the kind of person he was and the criminal associations he had... You've now landed on our radar. Consider this a trailer; the full film will be released soon. Flee to any country you wish, but remember, death doesn't require a visa; it comes uninvited."

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Early this month, gunshots were fired outside Grewal's house in Vancouver, Canada. Bhisnoi and his gang have claimed responsibility. Post the incident, Grewal clarified that he has met the Dabangg actor only twice in his life. Ever since Salman's assistant received a threatening email early this year, his security has been tightened. He was also given a Y-plus category with a licence to carry a personal weapon. The actor has also purchased a new bulletproof vehicle. A case was also filed against gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, and his aide Goldy Brar issuing the threat.

Following the threat, Mumbai Police has written to the social media platform for details on the post. The officials are trying to find the IP address to track the location and verify the authenticity of the account.