Bigg Boss 17 contestants and popular real-life couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are grabbing headlines for their constant fights and arguments inside the house.

During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Vicky and Ankita's mother met the couple virtually and reprimanded the duo for their constant fight and behaviour. In fact, Ankita's mother-in-law seemed unhappy with the way Ankita was treating Vicky inside the house. Be it her arguments or jokingly throwing slippers at him. She didn't even allow Ankita's mother to speak and kept nagging about Ankita's behaviour.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain

Ankita stern warning to Vicky and tells him he won't bring certain BB 17 housemates home

After the Weekend Ka Vaar, the week began on a rather different note, Ankita warned Vicky that she would leave the house. If Vicky continues to behave in a certain way with certain inmates.

Ankita during one of her conversations with Munawar Faruqui told him that she wants Vicky to realise that he needs to use his heart more for the game and should stop using his brain. She says that whenever someone says something nasty about him he gets irked. Ankita says, "Bahar milenge dekhenge, tab pata chalega, Main allow nahi karungi kisiko joh bhi Vicky se disrespectfully baat kar raha hai yahan,( I wont allow anyone to talk disrespectfully to Vicky. I will make sure I will do that. Currently, he is my husband but also a contestant in this show. I try to make him understand that he doesn't always need to speak."

Later, Ankita had a conversation with Vicky Jain, who feels a little low after the WKW episodes. She says, "You will not reply to anyone in this house like Chintu, Pintu, Tintu, you don't owe any explanation or clarification to anyone. You will remain quiet for a week and just enjoy the show. Sit with people who enjoy and don't take the game's tension. If nobody is talking to you it is fine, sit alone I am there for you. Main hoon tere paas.( I am there for you) What are these people saying, they don't even know the G about Game. I knew Samarth is not trustworthy and I told you, it will go against you. The way he speaks to you, I am not liking it."

She adds, "Vicky Jis Jisne teri bezzativaan Ki Hai na idhar,( Whoever has disrespected you) not for anything else I know this is game, but mere ghar nahi aayenge ye log. Aur agar tu leke aaya na inko toh main ghar chod ke chali jaaungi. ( If you get these people home I will leave the house)I want to warn you this because I know you will very soon sort out these things with them." 

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