Temperature is soaring high inside the villas of Temptation Island India. The reality show is keeping its viewers hooked and on the edge of their seats. From friendships to betrayals. The couple's real faces are coming out with each passing week. Some of them are falling head over heels for the single tempters, while some are trying their best to hold on to their real-life partners.

Amid confusion, chaos and complicated relationships. w Temptation Island India takes its viewers to yet another nerve-wracking Bonfire episode.

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The first mid-week special bonfire night was held on Monday night. Host Karan Kundrra along with Mouni Roy, introduced the bonfire as a midweek bonfire.

Nikita dumps boyfriend Tayne for Jad Hadid

In which, they welcomed Nikita and revealed how Nikita fell for Jad. They also shared clips of Jad and Nikita getting intimate.

Nikita eventually shared her part and dumped her real-life Tayne boyfriend for tempter Jad Hadid.

The tempters in the villa witnessed this life and could not control their tears. Karan and Mouni announced that their test of love was now over as they had already decided their paths.

Jad Hadid who was Nikita's connection and Rajvi Brahrambhat who was Tayne's connection inside the villas were also called and asked whether they would like to exit the show with their connections. Both turned down the offer and decided to explore more connections inside the villas.

Eventually, Jad Hadid and Rajvi Brahrambhat bid adieu to them. Before final goodbye, Jad gave a precious locket to Nikita and she promised him that she would wait for him outside.

Jad also kissed Nikita, which made Tayne emotional. Seeing a gamut of emotions. Mouni Roy got teary-eyed.

Before bidding adieu, Tayne expressed deep gratitude to the incredible cast and crew for the unforgettable experience.

Talking about his run on the show, Tayne said, "I am truly grateful for the amazing journey on Temptation Island India. The bonds formed in the villa with the guys and the experiences shared have enriched my life in ways I never imagined. The warmth and hospitality of India have touched my heart deeply, making me feel at home. The people here are truly special, and I carry these memories with me forever!"

Talking about Rajvi and Nikita, Tayne commented, "Rajvi really helped me and I could see a special friendship growing. I hope I get to meet her after the show, thank you for your kindness. You are a good friend to me. I was extremely disappointed by Nikita's behavior so early on the show, as we discussed the importance of loyalty, honesty and not breaking trust before we 2 flew off to India. It's sad how she embarrassed herself and her family, but she is still young and she is growing and learning. I wish her all the best. She comes from a lovely family, I was touched by the phone call I later got from her mother apologizing for everything."

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