Socialite and Genz star kids' best friend Orhan Awatramani aka Orry entered the Bigg Boss house for a day and enthralled the housemates and BB viewers.

Orry was at his quirky best inside the house. Before entering the house, Orry also made Salman Khan crack up with his ' I am a liver' statement. He also shared how he earns money and what does he for a living.


Orry pours his heart out about Vicky Jain and other BB 17 contestants

During media interaction, Orry shared that Ankita Lokhande was more welcoming. He felt that Vicky was someone who wanted to manipulate him.

On being asked about Ankita and Vicky, in an interview with ETimes TV, Orhan Awatramani this, Orry said, "Why does Vicky (Jain) think he can manipulate me but my face obviously doesn't get manipulated?"

Orry said, "I love Ankita Lokhande. We spent so much time together; we spent like multiple hours. She was the first person I hugged and was the last person I hugged when I left the Bigg Boss house. She was the first person who made something for me in the house."

He then spilled the beans that Ankita made tea for him. Orry felt it was a kind gesture by the actress as the contestants only have a certain amount of milk that can be used in the house.

Speaking about Isha and KhanZaadi, "Why is Isha (Malviya) looking so innocent when she has 600 secrets up her sleeves? Why is KhanZaadi like a dementor from Harry Potter, a really pretty dementor, dark but very pretty?"

On why Orry entered BB 17

In a video shared by Jio Cinema recently, Orry revealed why he decided to stay inside the Bigg Boss house. He said, "I thought I would step outside the house and try something new. I thought whatever I did, I would entertain people and enjoy it. I thought I was going to Salman Khan's house. I thought he was Bigg Boss. Later, I realized it was someone else's house. Koi baat nahi, chalega!" (It's okay).