And it seems the friendship between Isha Malviya and Ankita Lokhande is coming to an end. Isha and Ankita had a massive showdown inside the Bigg Boss house last night over bathroom duties. Isha accused Ankita of not cleaning the bathroom properly and also called it "unhygienic". Ankita took offence to Isha's claims and the two had a massive showdown.

Ankita Isha fight
Ankita Isha fightInstagram

Isha - Ankita fight

It so happened that Isha and Mannara were seen discussing how Ankita Lokhande doesn't clean bathroom dustbins etc properly. Isha also told Ankita how she could see hair everywhere in the bathroom, despite the Pavitra Rishta actress claiming to have cleaned it. Ankita also turned around to say that she did it as best as she could as she is not a professional cleaner.

This led to massive showdown between the two. Isha and Ankita started off as probably the closest friends inside the house. However, with time, their equation changed and the two were seen talking about one another behind their backs. While Ankita hoped to continue the friendship, Isha's latest blow seems to have created a rift between the two.

Vicky Jain's mother, Vicky Jain, Ankita Lokhande
Vicky Jain's mother, Vicky Jain, Ankita LokhandeInstagram

Ankita's showdown with Mannara

Ankita Lokhande recently broke down when Mannara Chopra lashed out at her and repeatedly said she doesn't want to be friends with her. Salman was also seen reprimanding Mannara for her sarcasm and tone towards her seniors like Ankita. Last night's episode also saw a twist as the Dimag room was asked to nominate one contestant for the entire season. All hell broke loose when Vicky Jain nominated Neil Bhatt, who threatened to avenge this move.