Anil Kumble Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar believes Anil Kumble can bring a lot to the India cricket team. Pictured: Kumble and Tendulkar during the fourth Test against Australia, Jan.5 2008Reuters

Sourav Ganguly might have fired back at Ravi Shastri after the latter decided to take his disappointment at losing the India coach's job to Anil Kumble out on the former India captain, but Sachin Tendulkar made sure to steer away from the controversy, insisting what went on in that meeting room, will stay in that meeting room.

Shastri was widely expected to keep his job as the main man on the sidelines for India, but once Kumble put his name in, everything changed. With Tendulkar, Ganguly and VVS Laxman, the three members of the BCCI Cricket Advisory Committee, who chose the new India coach, having played for year and years with Kumble and knowing just how professional a man he is, the pendulum swung firmly in the favour of the legendary legspinner.

And once Kumble was officially chosen as the new India coach, Shastri aimed his guns at Ganguly, who reportedly left the meeting room when it was the former all-rounder's turn to give his interview.

That spat went back and forth for a while and while Tendulkar had just as much a hand in choosing Kumble over Shastri, he refused to be drawn into the issue.

"Whatever we discussed in that meeting room stays confidential information," Tendulkar was quoted as saying by PTI in London. "Ravi's contribution has been terrific and he's done a fabulous job. He is someone that I have played cricket with and understood the way he approached cricket."

Tendulkar was more open to discussing what Kumble can bring to this India team, currently on a tour of the West Indies, with the batting legend singing his former teammate's praises. The Little Master believes Kumble will give India that competitive edge, that never-say-die attitude, something that should go down quite well with the Test captain Virat Kohli.

"Anil is a fabulous player, a hard competitor who will not make any compromises on the field," Tendulkar added. "He will be out there to win each and every moment. Anil has a lot to share... everything that he has learnt from this wonderful sport having played for almost 20 years.

"There are always big, crunch moments in any match and how to approach those moments is important. We may plan a lot of things but eventually execution matters."

Character is important in any international sport, and there were very few tougher characters than Kumble. If the new coach can inculcate even a little bit of character into this India side, this team will go a long way.

"In sport, over a period of time what you learn is not every day you are successful, sometimes you have to face failures," Tendulkar observed. "It is all about being a tough character and be able to stand back on your feet again and to compete the next day.

"Every day is a fresh day, new beginning. That is something I feel Anil will teach them."