Diana stabs herself to death
Diana stabs herself to death- Representational PictureCreative commons

A Russian teen consumed drugs and then jumped from a 14th-floor window to commit suicide, but survived. She then walked back home and stabbed herself to death.

Aspiring actress Diana Bestuzheva, 17, wanted to make it big in the industry after graduating from a renowned drama school in Moscow.

However, the Russian teen was reportedly devastated after her breakup with her boyfriend, and went into a depression.

She penned down her suicide note to her mother Alla after consuming drugs and went to the 14th floor of her apartment building and jumped off it, according to the Daily Mail.

An eyewitness told the local media that after falling down from the 14th floor — a 150ft plunge — Diana was absolutely fine as she stood up and brushed the snow off her clothes and went back into the apartment.

The teen went inside and reportedly stabbed herself with a kitchen knife. The paramedics were soon called to the scene. She was already dead by the time they arrived, said the report.

More mature than most of her friends, the 17-year-old was described by her teachers at the drama school as one of "the best and most promising students."

"She was a very talented and beautiful girl. We lost a talented person. She had a graceful shape of the body and incredibly beautiful eyes. She had everything a person needs to become a great actress," a spokesman told the local media.

"She did not come to the classes for a long time, but two days before the tragedy she wrote to her teacher saying she would be coming to the studio soon," the spokesman added.

He further said that Diana played one of the leads in the production of We Did Not Talk About The War.